HerMoney with Jean Chatzsky

I really enjoy listening to HerMoney with Jean Chatzsky. This week, she opened her podcast by asking that we all taking a collective deep breathe. She reminded her listeners that our economy has been though many ups and downs; it's important that no one freaks out in light of the current political environment. 

This week, Jean’s guest was Barbara Corcoran. I know everyone loves Barbara Corcoran and I'm not the first one to say that she's an inspirational person. But truly, I do love listening to her speak about her path to success. I don't know if it’s the New Jersey accent or the fact that she stumbles over “big” words, but there is something wonderfully familiar about her.

As she did in her memoir, Barbara talks about struggling as a student and having to battle the internal voice that told her she couldn’t succeed. She talked about how we get stronger by getting knocked down. This is how we build resilience, it’s not some innate ability. Wise words that can be applied to our country as well. 

I really encourage you to listen, especially if you are a women who has decided to work independently. The conversation is truly validating.