I am lucky to work with the finest clients across a wide variety of fields. Here are some of the kind thoughts some of these clients have shared.  


When I started my new business I had been confronted with creating a brand, identity and all that goes along with that. I had spoken to a few people that were recommended to me through other professionals I worked with. Each time I had another conversation I was left with more uncertainty of what to do. My wife had worked with Brigid a few times in the past on various projects and recommended I speak to her. That was it! What I realized was that Brigid was the first person I spoke with who listened to me. She created a logo and a visual identity for my new business! The process was the best. She gave me the space to express my wants and needs and she was able to create a masterpiece. I could not be happier! I would recommend her anytime!

Bryan Glass
Founder/CEO, Glasshouse Smart Home

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Brigid is my go-to design lead on every major project. Her high aesthetic sense, rich typography and relentless attention to detail make her an invaluable asset for our team. She’s delivered exceptional work time and again, and I know that I can trust her regardless of the task.

Bill Anderson,
Monotype Senior Marketing Programs Manager

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Brigid is a first-class design professional and one of the most talented creative professionals who I have had the pleasure to work with. I had secured a high profile, “nailbiter” website project with a leading New York City law firm. I asked Brigid to meet me to talk about the project, to see her portfolio, and to see if she might be a good fit. Brigid came “armed for bear” and brought me a customized site map for the website and walked me through her philosophy and approach. As they say, she “had me at ‘hello’ ” and we’ve been working together ever since, for approximately seven years now. I go to Brigid for everything, whether large or small projects, and she consistently delivers on time and on budget, but perhaps most important, her work will blow you and anyone who sees it away! Cannot say enough great things about her.

Kim Cressell
Marketing & Communications Strategist; Writer/Editor; Business Owner & Consultant; Real Estate Developer


Given only an antique woodcut of a beehive for inspiration, Brigid reimagined that archival image into a strikingly modern logo for Honey & Wax Booksellers. Four years later, Brigid directs the design of the Honey & Wax website, advertising, and print catalog. At every step of the creative process, she has been a responsive and detail-oriented partner.

Heather O’Donnell
Owner, Honey & Wax Booksellers

Brigid has always hit the mark when designing our high-end, speciality-market websites. She creates an effective brand-identity while carrying her theme throughout — always mindful of the requirements of e-commerce functionality and mobile platform flexibility. We expect to deliver a lot to our clients, within budget, and on strict deadlines — and Brigid delivers every time.

Alan, Luke, Mat, and Mika
Partners, Bibliopolis

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Brigid is, and has been, our go-to designer for nearly five years. Her professionalism is only outmatched by her creativity, which continues to up-level anything she touches. We can count on her the most, it seems, when timelines seem impossible and ideas are scarce. She makes sure to treat the brand like it is her own, while at the same time injecting a new flavor that always resonates spectacularly. There is no hesitation to help in something as small as a brainstorm or as large as beautifully laid out editorials, and we could not be more grateful.

Jenn Contois
Brand Designer at Monotype


LetterShop did a fantastic job on our logo and delivered amazing value to our business and growing brand. We receive constant compliments on our logo. LetterShop is both creative and professional, always working with our timing and providing several levels of services for us to choose from based on our pricing and needs. 

In fact, we have used LetterShop for all of our holiday e-cards and have been extremely happy with the professional and modern look of the designs. We are able to directly trace additional work we receive to their favorable responses. In a world where clients receive more emails than they can read on any given day, sending one with a unique design makes a noticeable difference.

Esther Farkas

Brigid is a gifted and problem-solving designer who produces exquisite work for both printed matter and digital projects. Brigid was our primary designer of brochures, email campaigns and postcards at Greenwich House Pottery. I can recommend her highly!

Sarah Archer
Former Director, Greenwich House Pottery

For many years, I have trusted Brigid to handle all of my company’s communication needs. A careful listener, she takes the time to understand my business objectives. It is a great pleasure to maintain a relationship with a person who can deliver both traditional graphic design and digital outreach with the same authority.

Viken Mikaelian
President, PlannedGiving.com