Our process

Brand loyalty. You work to build it with your customers, and we work to build it with you. Our formula is simple: we provide unparalleled dedication and expertise, combined with a bespoke treatment, to produce top-quality results.

Our team is your team. At LetterShop, we make a point of deeply getting to know the brands we work with. We want to think like your brand; we want to understand your purpose and the place you’re looking to carve out in the world. Then, we bring in our marketing and design expertise to further that mission.

We’re not here just to make your brand look good (though we love doing that!). At heart, we’re problem solvers and strategists, and we’re here to develop a brand that resonates with your people. We keep our eye on the big picture by developing the synergies — across platforms, project and expertise — that are essential to your success.

Our philosophy

We’re accessible

  • When you work with us, you have direct access to a dedicated team of designers and marketers with expertise relevant to your needs. Whether it’s on the strategic questions or the creative ones, we know that the best collaboration happens face-to-face and in real time. We don’t put up any barriers to connecting you with the expertise you need.

We’re knowledgable

  • Our work together starts with extensive research to develop an intimate understanding of your industry’s landscape and your position in it. We dive deep into competitors, identify opportunities for growth and tailor strategies that will resonate with your target market. We don’t shy away from asking tough questions to make sure your business is always one step ahead.

We’re data-driven

  • We develop data-driven strategies to evaluate your brand’s quantitative impact in real time, over time. Combined with our experience and your north star goals — because data is best used in context — we anticipate what’s next for your brand and confidently build on successes or recalibrate as needed.

We’re committed

  • Whether we work with you for a few months or for many years, we take a strategy-minded, brand-first approach to set you up for success. We build relationships with our clients that last.

Our promise

We make you our priority

There are no big accounts or little accounts. Once we agree to be your partner, we take your success personally — no shortcuts. Every detail is crafted with your customer top of mind.

We work creatively, effectively

Every asset must have a purpose. All our creative executions include only what needs to be there to deliver the message in an entertaining and educational way. Nothing more, nothing less.

We believe in inclusion

We care about people. We believe in the value of diversity of thoughts and ideas, and we promote curiosity. This deeply held belief infuses the work we do with our client partners.

What we’re up to

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